impressions of the 2007 ACE
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Impressions of the 2007 ACE

getting there:
For me one of the "special" charms of this ACE was the fact that I was travelling this time by car from The Netherlands.
My way from home to Dundee (where my son and his family live) is a well-known track. Going by boat from IJmuiden (Amsterdam) to New Castle is a holiday in itself. The trip to Dundee via Edinburgh (through Northumberland and Lothian) is a treat for me (despite driving on the other side of the road).
Driving from Dundee to Ardrossan was a new and great trip for me and finally arriving at this wonderful island of Arran felt a bit like coming home. As I have been on Arran before it was not a problem at all to drive the well known road to Kilmorie.

John and Ruth from Scotland. John played the English Concertina and the Hurdy Gurdy. Ruth played the Hurdy Gurdy as well.
Another couple was Helen and Phil. Helen played EC (Tenor treble as well as Baritone) and Phil is an enthousiastic Anglo player.
Then there was (all the way from Tasmania!!) Mike with his EC and mandoline. Mike was on a trip through Europe by campervan when he heard about Arran.
From Scotland there was Dave with his EC and fiddle.
From the Netherlands there was me with my new Wakker Anglo.

Finally there was this Arran couple Samantha and David.. Not really participants, but participating in a very essential way. Samantha organising, playing her Anglo, being enthousiastic as ever. David played an essential role in the formation of (and directing) the "ACE Concertina Band".
Last but certainly not least, Paula took care of preparing great food. I had great memories from 2005 and I was not disappointed in 2007!!

what did we do:
As usual there was no official program, but learning new tunes, exchanging experiences and playing together in the "ACE Concertina Band" were the main topics. The Concertina Band has proved popular each year and this will be repeated if there is enough interest.
Of course there were also the not-so-musical topics like a visit to the distillery at Lochranza and a lovely walk along the beach on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I have vivid memories of the taste of whiskey that was matured in casks that had a previous life in Hungary where they were used for the famous Tokaj wine.
The final event of the weekend was our performance as the "ACE Concertina Band" during the session at the Ormidale Hotel in Brodick.

sound samples:
Listen to the ACE Band playing
- Shingley Beach
- Queen Catherine

Henk van Aalten