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Inspired by the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the Scandinavian Squeeze In (SSI), the idea grew to start a similar event on Arran. At the 2004 SSI the idea was launched and this year the third Arran Concertina Event (ACE) will take place on the Isle of Arran from October 5 - 8.
A lot of information (and non-information) on the ACE can be found at the discussion forum.

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How to get there

If the travel instructions seem a little complex, remember - only ONE set of instructions applies to you!
  • From Prestwick Airport: take a Glasgow bound train and get off at Kilwinning. From there take a train to Ardrossan Harbour, for the sailing to Brodick. If you fly by Ryanair show your air ticket on the train when you buy your ticket for a half price rail fare.
  • From Glasgow International Airport: take the bus to Paisley Gilmour Street Station and take a train to Ardrossan Harbour for the sailing to Brodick. If you buy your bus ticket at the SPT stand by the exit to the airport and present your bus ticket at the railway station when you buy your rail ticket you will get the price of your bus ticket deducted from the rail fare (does that make sense?).
  • If you are travelling by rail: the trains for Ardrossan Harbour leave from Glasgow Central station.

    Please let me know which boat you will be arriving on and I will let you know whether I can meet you, or whether you need to take the bus (South Island service 323) to Kilmory Hall.

  • If you are travelling by car and mean to bring your car to Arran, book on the ferry in advance (see website reference below). Head for Ardrossan from wherever you are! Once you get within a few miles the road signs can be a little misleading, as there are a number of ferries that leave from various points nearby.
    As far as I can recall the signs to Ardrossan start off promisingly by showing you a ferry, but the last one (a left turn off a roundabout) simply announces "Ardrossan" in modest lettering. Take this turning, follow this rather unpromising road to a T junction (a couple of miles or so), turn left here, and then right at the lights. Follow the road straight down all the way and you'll at last see more Arran Ferry signs.

    Once on the island, turn left off the ferry and take the main road round to Kilmory (about 17 miles). Once you enter Kilmory village you will pass the Creamery and when you are passing the village school (also on the left) the Hall and Lodge will be right in front of you.
    There is ample parking.

    You can, if you like, turn right off the ferry instead, in which case travel 43 miles along the main road and you will encounter Kilmory Hall and Lodge on the right and almost behind you after you pass the Lagg Hotel and ascend a steep twisty hill!
    This route takes you past the distillery and the brewery ..
Ferry information can be found at, rail timetables at

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Kilmory Lodge Participants staying at Kilmory Lodge need only bring a towel, as all bed linen is provided. You may wish to bring ear plugs if the snoring of others bothers you! More information about the Lodge can be found here.

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Haggis, Tatties & Neeps Please let me know as soon as possible if you are vegetarian or have other dietary requirements. First meal will be supper on Friday night - once I know when all are arriving I'll let you know when supper will be!

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Squeezing (a bit about the programme)

The main feature of the programme is that there is no programme! Themes and groups will depend entirely on the wishes and abilities of those taking part.
This may or may not include “workshops” on song accompaniment, playing for dance, choice of material, particular styles of music or basic harmony or music theory. The concertina band was a popular feature in 2006 and this will be repeated if there is enough interest.
Participants will arrive on the Friday afternoon and check into the lodge. The music starts in the evening with a relaxed jam session/singaround.
Saturday will be devoted to informal workshops on themes and subjects suggested by the participants.
Local musicians will be invited to an open concert at the bunkhouse in the evening. There will be more music making on Sunday morning, followed by lunch, and more sessions in the afternoon. The weekend rounds off with a trip to the local weekly jam session at the Ormidale Hotel in Brodick. A minibus will be provided to ensure that those who wish to can have a drink.

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Samantha Payn,
Harefield, Shannochie,
Isle of Arran, KA27 8SJ

Tel: +44(0)1770 820655

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Cost TBA, but as a guideline last year's event cost £110 inclusive of meals and accommodation.

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About Arran (and Kilmory village)

Kilmory village is located at the south-west tip of the Isle of Arran. There is excellent walking and mountain biking in the vicinity, and one of the best sandy beaches on the island is just a short walk away. The Lagg Hotel is located very close to the lodge, and the bus service passes the door.

The Isle of Arran is situated off the Ayrshire coast in the south west of Scotland and is well protected by the Kintyre peninsula. The warm Gulf Stream gives the island a mild climate, resulting in a wonderful mix of vegetation with even some Mediterranean elements. The scenery offers everything that you can find in the rest of Scotland.
The island offers a wide variety of outdoor activities including walking and climbing, biking, bird watching, pony-trekking, hang-gliding, canoeing, and quad biking.
There is a wide range of delicious locally produced foodstuffs and beverages, with both a distillery and a brewery on the island. There are excellent local cheeses and a producer of high quality chocolates. Many of the hotels and restaurants offer local produce on their menus.
More on Arran can be found at websites like:, and

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Samantha Payn