Geuns-Wakker C/G Anglo (serial no. 0112)

A beautiful amboyna ended Geuns-Wakker C/G 30b Anglo concertina (serial number 0112) in good condition with Jeffries lay-out. The instrument is very responsive. This concertina comes with a custom made leather bag.
See this page from the Concertina Connection web site for the description of the instrument.

Some essential quotes from the page:
Although there are more makers that use accordion type reeds in concertinas, we are the only ones that have succeeded in altering the harmonic spectrum of accordion type reeds, coming very close to the sound of traditional concertina reeds....
...Harry Geuns has developed a method which reduces the number of harmonics as well as their amplitude. The result is a tone which comes very close to traditional concertinas.

The action of the Geuns-Wakker concertina is probably its most impressive feature. Similar to top Wheatstone instruments, this is a riveted action. The design of the brass post, through which the lever moves, eliminates all side movement of the button, which makes the action very quiet, smooth and fast.

We have eliminated most of the 'pad' noise by reducing the pad-action board surface (not visible in the picture) with about 80%.
This allowed us to reduce spring pressure to < 65 grams.

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My own experiences
During the two years that I own this instrument, I did not play it very much. The reason is, that I already owned a C/G Anglo (Marcus). As I was used to the Wheatstone button lay-out of the Marcus, I did not give this Geuns-Wakker, with its Jeffries lay-out, much attention.

The last few days I used the Geus-Wakker very much in order to make the sound files. As far as playability concerns, I really started to like:
  • The very low force needed to press the buttons
  • The very low resistance of the bellows
  • The ease of use of the air button
Summarising: this concertina is very 'willing' to play. It's rather low weight, the light touch needed on the buttons and the low resistance of the bellows makes playing very smooth.

sound files C.Netter Boney also owns a similar concertina. He plays the concertina very well and published some tunes on the internet: For more information mail to: